Zukunftsweisende elektrochemische Energiespeicherung


Koch, Stephan




  • BSc: Chemistry, 2006 - 2009, Heidelberg University
  • MSc: Chemistry, 2009 - 2011, Heidelberg University
  • PhD: Physical Chemistry, 2012 - 2016, WWU Münster

Research Focus

Anode materials for lithium batteries with special focus on Li metal


Research Experience

  • 2011: Master thesis on dye sensitized solar cells (Grätzel cells) with Prof. Grätzel at EPFL, Switzerland: “The Effect of the Counterion and Solvents on the Morphology of Black Dye (N749) on TiO2 and its Influence on Photovoltaic Performance”
  • 2012 - present: PhD on Li metal anodes for next-generation lithium batteries: In situ optical microscopy, DFT, electrochemistry, impedance spectroscopy


Project Management

  • 2013 - present: Coordinator of HIU activities in EU funded project SIRBATT



  • Scholarship of Foundation of German Business (Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft)



  • Best Talk Award at ElectrochemNW 2014, Liverpool, UK

Selected HIU Publications

Koch, S. L.; Morgan, B. J.; Passerini, S. & Teobaldi, G. Density functional theory screening of gas-treatment strategies for stabilization of high energy-density lithium metal anodes, J. Power Sources 296, 150-161 (2015).


Di Cicco, A.; Giglia, A.; Gunnella, R.; Koch, S. L.; Mueller, F.; Nobili, F.; Pasqualini, M.; Passerini, S.; Tossici, R. & Witkowska, A. SEI Growth and Depth Profiling on ZFO Electrodes by Soft X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy, Adv. Energy Mater., 1500642 (2015).


Grande, L.; von Zamory, J.; Koch, S. L.; Kalhoff, J.; Paillard, E. & Passerini, S. Homogeneous Lithium Electrodeposition with Pyrrolidinium-Based Ionic Liquid Electrolytes, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 7, 5950−5958 (2015).