Zukunftsweisende elektrochemische Energiespeicherung


Gschwind, Fabienne

  • Master of Science in Chemistry:

  University Basel, 2002-2006


  • PhD, Dr. rer nat.:

  University of Fribourg, 2007-2010

Research Focus

Anion Technology for Batteries:

  • Room-temperature fluoride ion batteries (synthesis and development of anode, cathode and electrolytes)
  • Chloride ion batteries (synthesis and development of anode, cathode and electrolytes)


Research Experience

  • Postdoc at HIU/KIT (Anion Batteries)
  • Postdoc at Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research (Intercluster compounds)
  • PhD at University Fribourg, Switzerland (Multimetallic complexes for oxidic materials)


Teaching Experience

  • Lecturer at University Ulm since 2014
  • Lecturer at MTEC Academy
  • Lectures and seminars: inorganic chemistry, general chemistry, coordination chemistry, battery technology



  • Swiss Chemical Society
  • Swiss Society of Crystallography


Fellowships/ Scholarships

  • SNF, swiss national foundation
  • Max Planck Society



  • 2007: First Year graduate student symposium Bern.

  First prize for the best scientific presentation

  • 2009: Swiss Crystallographic Society, Fribourg

  Poster Prize

  • 2010: Sciences de l’environement, University of Fribourg

  Prize for an excellent scientific work.

  • 2011: University of Fribourg

  Faculty Prize for the best thesis in experimental science

  • 2014: Money-Prize, Logo Competition, Swiss Crystallography Society



Selected HIU Publications

Gschwind, F.; Bastien, J.
Parametric investigation of room-temperature fluoride-ion batteries: Assessment of electrolytes, Mg-based anodes, and BiF₃-cathodes.
2015. Journal of Materials Chemistry Am 3(2015) pp.5628-5634. doi:10.1039/C4TA06625A

Gschwind, F.; Zao-Karger, Z.; Fichtner, M.
A fluoride-doped PEG matrix as an electrolyte for anion transportation in a room-temperature fluoride ion battery.
2014. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2(2014) S.1214-1218. doi:10.1039/C3TA13881J