Zukunftsweisende elektrochemische Energiespeicherung


Ding, Markus



  • B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Munich

  • M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Munich

  • Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Research Focus

Metal batteries with special focus on the solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) on Li metal anodes and electrolytes for Mg metal batteries


Advanced Trainings

  • 2015: Basics of Vacuum Technology (Fortbildungszentrum für Technik und Umwelt)
  • 2016: Project Management – Basics (Fortbildungszentrum für Technik und Umwelt)
  • 2016: Rhetoric in Scientific Presentations (Wissenspuls)
  • 2017: “How to get published in English” Preparing scientific texts for publication (Leadership Sculptor)


Project Management

2015 - 2016: Coordinator of HIU activities in the EU funded project “Stable Interfaces for Rechargeable Batteries” (SIRBATT, FP7-ENERGY-2013-1, grant agreement No. 608502)

2016 - 2017: Project manager of the project “Förderverfahren nach der Exzellenzinitiative, Förderlinie Research Seed Capital (RiSC) – Electrochemically Active Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Magnesium Metal Anodes”

Selected HIU publications


1. X. Gao, A. Mariani, S. Jeong, X. Liu, X. Dou, M. Ding, A. Moretti, S. Passerini, Prototype rechargeable magnesium batteries using ionic liquid electrolytes, Journal of Power Sources, 423, 52-59 (2019).

2. M. Nascimento, S. Novais, M. S. Ding, M. S. Ferreira, S. Koch, S. Passerini, J. L. Pinto, Internal strain and temperature discrimination with optical fiber hybrid sensors in Li-ion batteries, Journal of Power Sources, 410–411, 1-9 (2019).

3. M. S. Ding, T. Diemant, R. J. Behm, S. Passerini, G. A. Giffin, Dendrite Growth in Mg Metal Cells Containing Mg(TFSI)2/Glyme Electrolytes, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 165 (10), A1983–A1990 (2018).

4. M. S. Ding, S. L. Koch, S. Passerini, The Effect of 1-Pentylamine as Solid Electrolyte Interphase Precursor on Lithium Metal Anodes, Electrochimica Acta, 240, 408-414 (2017).