Cutting-edge Electrochemical
Energy Storage



The scientists in the Systems research field test and characterize the electrical properties of commercial battery cells in order, for example, to be able to assess the aging processes in a battery using holistic and system-oriented approaches. In this way they lay the foundation for the further optimization of batteries. One of the factors under consideration is the life cycle of commercially available cells (e.g., with newly developed cell chemistry) and their assessment with regard to potential fields of application. Key issues include the determination of performance indicators, charge cycle stability, and the state of charge. The suitability of using materials and battery systems in stationary energy storage units or in electrically powered vehicles is assessed by comparing the battery properties with the specific requirements of the various fields of application. Furthermore, life cycle assessments (LCA) are prepared for the new materials in order to be able to prepare a holistic characterization of future products in a timely manner. In this way, aspects such as toxicity, availability of the raw material, and recyclability are already taken into account during battery development.

Resources, Recycling, Environment & Sustainability

In the research group Resources, Recycling, Environment & Sustainability technical systems analysis converges with ecological and economic systems analysis. The goal is to take aspects of sustainability into account at the earliest possible point in time during the development phase of a battery system.

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Battery-Management and Monitoring

A battery management system controls and monitors the cell properties during operation in order to provide high performance, longevity, and safety. The research group Battery-Management and Monitoring works on the further development of error-free and efficient management systems.

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System Architecture

Our working group System Architecture develops novel procedures for electrode and electrolyte preparation and investigates the interplay of the components inside half and full cells by calorimetric methods. We aim to determine energy efficiencies, aging and compatibility of promising materials in an early stage to optimize future cell designs.

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