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    HIU offers young scientists extensive opportunities for optimally preparing their careers as well as space to pursue their own research.

Helmholtz Young Investigators Group Zeis

Since 2012, the Helmholtz Young Investigators Group led by Roswitha Zeis has been studying the further development of a type of fuel cell that makes it possible to utilize the limited resources of fossil fuels more efficiently by, for example, taking into account the different degrees of purity in the hydrogen that is used.

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Young Investigator Group NEW E²

The young investigator research group NEW E2, led by Dominic Bresser and funded by the Vector Foundation, focuses on the development and investigation of innovative anode materials for lithium-ion batteries. Targeting enhanced energy and power densities, these new materials may beneficially combine different lithium storage mechanisms (particularly alloying and conversion) to allow for higher capacities and improved rate capabilities.

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