Cutting-edge Electrochemical
Energy Storage


Electrochemistry for Batteries

The research group Electrochemistry for Batteries conducts research on a wide-ranging portfolio of topics associated with electrochemical energy storage units as part of the goal of handling resources, the environment, and the economy in a sustainable manner.

The future storage of electrical energy will be characterized by the ongoing utilization and integration of regenerative sources of energy, which will often be decentrally located. The acquisition of power from wind and sunlight as well as the increased demand for electromobility depend, however, on storage units that have been adjusted to the different needs of the types of use. For this reason, the research group Electrochemistry for Batteries is concerned in a comprehensive manner with improving the existing types of electrochemical storage technology and with studying innovative types. Our international research group has the know-how gained from years of work in the areas of all the individual components of electrochemical cells, including the synthesis of active materials and their testing, characterization, and analysis. As part of the large community of scientists at HIU, we are furthermore in the position to further intensify our interdisciplinary exchange of know-how and to optimally use the resulting effects of this synergy.