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Book release 2020: Batteries - Present and Future Energy Storage Challenges

Prof. Dr. Stefano Passerini, Dr. Dominic Bresser, Dr. Arianna Moretti and Dr. Alberto Varzi edited and contributed to the encyclopedic guide to present and future battery technologies. "Batteries - Present and Future Energy Storage Challenges" is a comprehensive, twovolume handbook that offers an up-to-date and in-depth review of the battery technologies in use today.

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Energy Storage and Conversion Research at Science City Ulm

The ongoing energy revolution, ranging from mobility to grid stabilization and home storage, has come to reality thanks to many scientific and technological breakthroughs in the field of batteries and fuel cells. The city of Ulm has become through the years an excellence center for energy storage and conversion related science. Several highly ranked institutes are working on this exciting field, spacing from fundamental to applied and industry-oriented research.

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Book release 2019: Magnesium Batteries - Research and Applications

On September 26th, Prof. Maximilian Fichtner, Deputy Director of HIU, published his long-awaited book on "Magnesium Batteries". Rechargeable Magnesium batteries hold numerous advantages over current lithium-ion batteries, namely the relative abundance of magnesium to lithium and the potential for magnesium batteries to greatly outperform their Li-ion counterparts.

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