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Montaha Anjass awarded the Mileva Einstein Marić Prize 2017

Last Friday, February 2, Montaha Anjass was officially awarded the Mileva Einstein Marić Prize 2017 by the University of Ulm as part of dies academicus 2018.


It addresses the reconciliation of family and academic career: the University of Ulm honors women who stand out through their scientific work, help to shape the university as a scientific institution and manage their careers with their family responsibilities arrange at the same time.


After completing her bachelor's degree at Birzeit University and performing as a teaching assistant, the Palestinian native emigrated to Ulm in 2013. As part of her degree (M. Sc Advanced Materials), she began working at the HIU in 2015 as a research assistant in the Materials I research group.


Meanwhile, she is working in a joint PhD position at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, the Institute of Electrochemistry and the HIU.