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From theory to practice – Pupils from Gerlingen visited the HIU




In the course of a two-day field excursion, pupils from the Robert-Bosch Gymnasium Gerlingen visited the HIU on the 27th of April 2017. Following a presentation by managing director Dr. Dagmar Oertel, the visitors were given a guided tour through the laboratories by Dr. Oertel and scientist Tobias Braun.

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Six questions to Prof. Dr. Christina Roth



Prof. Dr. Christina Roth joins the HIU as a guest scientist: in collaboration with Dr. Zeis, she studies materials and methodical development for electrochemical energy technologies since March this year.

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Helmholtz President visits HIU



Prof. Dr. Otmar Wiestler visited Ulm to inform about the latest research projects on 22 February 2017 and took the opportunity to exchange with HIU Director Prof. Fichtner and Deputy Director Prof. Passerini as well as other members of the board.

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HIU researchers at workshop in Taiwan



The principal investigators Professor Stefano Passerini, Professor Jens Tübke and Dr. Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens participated in a Taiwan-Germany joint workshop on advanced secondary battery technologies at National Cheng Kung University in Tainan.

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Dr. Dominic Bresser receives funding for investigation of novel electrode materials



Within the scope of a triannual project, promoted by the Vector Foundation, Dr. Dominic Bresser will investigate new electrode materials hosting lithium ions by a combined conversion and alloying reaction together with three PhD candidates.



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Joint Development of Lithium Cells of the Next Generation


Partners of the FELIZIA (Solid Electrolytes Enabling Lithium Cells for Automotive Use) joint project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research met at HIU to present latest research results and coordinate further activities.

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